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Been married a long time ago so i patiently waited for discounts, promos and the like to get to this point. There’s no doubt whatsoever that UAD plugins are huge. Even with extreme modifications and this is where most Waves fall apart. Regarding Softtube, all those i own are great and those brainworx from pluginalliance are top notch too. Not to mention Slate, Kush audio and sly-fi.
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Rotund wrote: Since they were distributed by Mackie in fact. Every once in a while I’ll do a comparison by mixing the same song with only the included options vs only UAD. It takes me way longer to get in the ballpark with the native stuff. At first I thought this was due to just being more familiar with the UAD stuff and knowing it inside and out. Not the case. More forgiving.

Set it and forget it type of thing. I kept having to go back and tweak things in the native mix where the dynamics of a particular part of the song would sound pinched or out of control.

I ended up having to automate things where as the UAD stuff just took it in stride and sounded great doing it. Clearly a step up in the “more forgiving” arena. Quality stuff. Time may not be a factor for you if you are working on your own stuff with limitless hours to get things proper.

I run a small studio where time is definitely a big factor. Hi Rotund – Thanks for that very helpful post. Do you know if you would buy the RND today if you were in the market, given all the other high quality alternatives around nowadays? Thanks for your thoughts! The full price was a little ridiculous when they came out. If I were buying native stuff today I would definitely check out Softube’s offerings. Klanghelm makes some nice stuff for very cheap.

Check out Mjuc if you haven’t. I would say definitely not, the RND bundle hasn’t been updated in quite awhile. The RND stuff is very good but stuck back in time I’m afraid. Better, cheaper options are available today. Rhythm DR, Sound Gizmo.

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jnTracks said: 3rd November I’ll be waiting MORE for my own comparison, but yeah. I’m pretty happy with the waves version, which lives. Waves CLA-2A shootout. Thread: UAD LA-2A vs. Waves CLA-2A Feel free to post UAD and non-UAD related subjects alike. keano said: 28th March Waves dont sound like the hardware at all imo. They look like them and perform the same The UAD sounds like an Some of Slates stuff gets you closer.

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Do I get free plugin updates and full technical support when I rent-to-own these bundles? When you rent-to-own any of the above bundles, you get free Waves Update Plan coverage for the duration of the rent-to-own period 24 months , plus one extra year as a free bonus — for a total of three years of Waves Update Plan coverage. During your coverage period, you enjoy: Free updates for all the current plugins in your bundle Mercury and Platinum:

Listen to the samples below and choose the best one for you. Four 1176 emulations are on test:

Rotund wrote: Since they were distributed by Mackie in fact. Every once in a while I’ll do a comparison by mixing the same song with only the included options vs only UAD.

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Precision Limiter. Firstly, Sonar or Splat whatever you want to call Cakewalk’s DAW does indeed have everything a Newb could want or need to create great. But look out, Waves—you are no longer the sole purveyor of the in software form. In late , Universal Audio added the revered. November 26, · Sean Sinclair UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor. UAD SSL G- 4) Waves API Slightly muddy. 5) UAD.

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