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You are here: You have just changed over from Windows to a Mac and right away you realize that you still need certain Windows programs — and what now? Learn more about three small and helpful tools that you can use to get your Windows-based programs running on a Mac Method 1:
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Use Windows programs on your Mac

You are here: You have just changed over from Windows to a Mac and right away you realize that you still need certain Windows programs — and what now? Learn more about three small and helpful tools that you can use to get your Windows-based programs running on a Mac Method 1: This is an Apple program that enables subsequent installation of the Windows operating system on a Mac.

Each time you start your machine, you can select which of the two operating systems should open. Why you should use Boot Camp There are many emulators or virtual operating systems that can run on a Mac. In contrast, Windows installed via Boot Camp works perfectly and without any compromises.

Installing Boot Camp Before setting out to install Windows with Boot Camp, you should check if your Mac fulfils the minimum system requirements. You will need a valid Windows version for the installation, along with the corresponding key. You can find these on the Microsoft website. Place the ISO on your desktop. Make sure that no other external hard drives are connected, then you can get started. Then simply follow the instructions and your boot drive will be partitioned. If you are prompted to do so during installation, connect an empty USB drive with at least 8 GB space.

But be careful: To ensure that everything goes according to plan, you can watch the following step-by-step video that shows Windows installation using Boot Camp: Try it out! Download a free test version of Movie Edit Pro and test the software free for 30 days on your Mac!

Method 2: This means that the operating system is a fully independent system that is neither being simulated nor emulated and is installed on a separate, individual disk partition.

It is as if Windows were installed on a normal PC. Unfortunately, this method is very complicated since you would have to permanently switch from one system to another, making it impossible to work on two operating systems at the same time.

With this software you can execute Windows XP in a window on your Mac — provided that you are using a valid Windows license, of course.

The program simulates operating on a normal computer, whereas in fact the computer is simulated by the program. This way, Windows programs can be installed and executed within the virtual running Windows system.

The latest version of Parallels Desktop integrates the simulated Windows interface directly in OS X, so that the windows are displayed like Mac windows and they are perfectly integrated into the OS X interface. You can even start the program easily over the dock. However, there is a very small disadvantage to this alternative: The hardware of the virtual system is only simulated as well, making the processing power of the simulated machine lower than the actual one.

Nevertheless, it is sufficient for multimedia applications and a few 3D games. Method 3: CrossOver for Mac Boot Camp installs a second native real operating system on the Mac and virtual desktops either simulate entire systems in computer windows or integrate these directly in the Mac OS.

There is however another solution for the Windows-on-a-Mac problem: How does it work? These are closed file systems in one single file. This means that only the components that are necessary for the Windows software will be stored together with the program in one file, it can access its own registry and the necessary Windows drivers as normal, without having to interfere with the OS X. The big advantage here is that programs can be directly started and used without the need for a Windows simulation in the OS X.

A disadvantage is that not all programs and games are officially supported by the software, so try it out and see for yourself! However, many more programs actually work than officially listed here.

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But it is also possible to ignore the updates and proceed to use the OS just the way it was when new. Getting Windows 7 Professional product key is simple and requires one to just have a gadget that is connected to the internet. Sometimes people lose their keys and at such times one needs to get the key again.

By getting on the Windowsв website one is guided on the steps to follow so as to get the key.

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You will need to make sure that you get a genuine version of the code so as to optimally enjoy its benefits. Getting this code is simple where you just need to download it using the gadget or computer that you are using. You can request the code in the language you want mainly because the Microsoft windows come in more than 45 languages.

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