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Using a stand-alone Floating network licence for Antenna Magus Professional Installing Antenna Magus Professional on a client machine in a floating licence network.. Periodic updates of your licence
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Using a stand-alone Floating network licence for Antenna Magus Professional Installing Antenna Magus Professional on a client machine in a floating licence network.. Periodic updates of your licence Installing an update of Antenna Magus Moving a licence to a new machine What is an MD5 Checksum? How to retrieve hostname and machine codes If you are having trouble with the installation of Antenna Magus, or would like any further information, please feel free to contact a reseller or our support team at support antennamagus.

We are interested in hearing your feedback on everything, but especially: Licensing and Pricing 3. Antennas, Articles, Transitions or Array-layouts. Specifically, if there are antennas, array- layouts or information you would like to see included in Antenna Magus, please send them through. For Node-locked licencing, no network connectivity is required, but the licensing procedure is simplified by allowing Antenna Magus to connect to the internet.

For floating licence use, all machines that are to use the floating licence must be connected to the same local-area-network as the floating licence server machine while Antenna Magus is open. If the client machines loose network connectivity to the floating licence server for more than a few minutes, Antenna Magus will give an error and cease operation until the connection is restored.

Prerequisites for installation The Antenna Magus installation requires that a user with administration rights executes the installation. It is important to note that the Evaluation, Teaching and Professional versions of Antenna Magus use different installations. Please ensure that you have downloaded the correct installer or have received the correct DVD.

If you do not have Microsoft. NET Framework 4. Net components will be installed automatically if possible. If this fails, please install the full. Net manually. The stand-alone. The installation of the. Installation of the.

NET Framework may require a reboot. NET framework is NOT required on the server that will host the floating license server, only on machines that will run the client application. Installation Guide – Version and later www. When running the Evaluation version, you will only be able to work with a small subset of the antennas that are available in the licensed version of the product and will not be able to work with custom Antenna Templates. All the features of the licensed product can be used with the antennas that are active in the Evaluation version.

The number of design algorithms in the Array Synthesis tool is restricted, as is size of the array that can be imported. To get access to the full database and the full array synthesis tool, please contact a reseller to purchase Antenna Magus.

The Evaluation version expires periodically. The expiry date of the Evaluation version is displayed in the title bar of the application window. If the version you have has expired, please visit www.

Teaching version The Teaching version of Antenna Magus which provides access to a larger subset of antennas than Evaluation version; custom Antenna Templates are not available is installed in exactly the same manner as the Professional version discussed below. The licence key required to use the Teaching version is a digit key whereas the Professional version uses a digit key and FlexLM based licensing is not supported.

A Teaching licence key can be used concurrently on a number of machines up to the maximum of the number of seats allocated for the Teaching licence.

Once installation has been completed on the maximum number of machines, the key will cease to work. In order to change the machines on which the Teaching installation is installed, please contact your Antenna Magus reseller. Each Teaching version installation is locked to a specific machine, but is sufficiently robust to be used in computer centres where machine setups and installations may be cloned or machines are periodically reverted to a snapshot state.

It is possible dependant on the system setup that the user may be required to re-enter the licence key when the Antenna Magus is started up after changes have been made to the machine. Professional version In order to install and run Antenna Magus Professional for the first time you must have the installation files and either: The methods for retrieving this Installation Guide – Version and later www.

The licence key should have been supplied to you by your reseller. If you are not in possession of this key, please contact your reseller — you cannot run Antenna Magus Professional without it. To install Antenna Magus with an internet connection, simply run the installation and follow the on screen prompts. After installation, launch Antenna Magus from the Start Menu. If a valid licence file is not available on your machine from a previous installation, you will be prompted to provide licencing information.

This option is available for Antenna Magus and onwards and users wishing to use this option should contact their CST Support channel to get more information about the licensing options. In most cases, the Antenna Magus installation will automatically resolve the license at start-up.

Connect to a floating license server on the Antenna Magus license dialogue. Antenna Magus will then retrieve license information from the indicated location. In the event of a multiple redundant license server setup, the Hostnames and Ports of the redundant servers should be entered in a comma-separated list in the Hostname and Port fields before initiating the connection. Using stand-alone Node-locked licensing for Antenna Magus Professional on a machine WITH an internet connection recommended When prompted to provide licencing information, enter your digit licence key in the Licence key under Option 1: Retrieve licence using my internet connection.

Antenna Magus will send your key together with your hardware serial numbers to the Antenna Magus server. The server will respond with the required licence file for the installation process to continue. If you experience trouble with this step, please refer to the section on installation without an internet connection. Antenna Magus is licensed for use on a single desktop PC and each licence is linked to a unique set of hardware serial numbers.

The installation sends the licence key and the serial numbers of the machine to the licence server, so that a licence can be created for the machine. This information does not contain anything that can be used to identify you; it only contains data about your operating system and hardware.

If you would like to see the information that is being sent, select the Host Info tab in the licence dialogue. The content is identical to the information that you would need to send to your reseller as part of a request for a manually created licence file.

Using stand-alone Node-locked licensing for Antenna Magus Professional on a machine WITHOUT an internet connection manual installation – not recommended The Antenna Magus installation requires an internet connection so that it can retrieve a licence by communicating with the Antenna Magus Licence server over the internet. This section is only applicable if a node-locked licence is being used and: Your reseller has requested to follow the manual licensing process, or 2.

To install without communication with the Antenna Magus licence server, install and run Antenna Magus. When prompted to provide licencing information, switch to the Host Info tab of the licence dialogue. The licensing information may also be saved to a file by clicking on the Export Information button on the Host Info tab.

When you have received a licence file, start Antenna Magus. When prompted to provide licencing information, click on the Browse… button under the Option 2: Specify the location of the licence file to use.

Browse to the location of the secmagus. Antenna Magus will apply the licence provided in the selected secmagus. Note that automatic licence retrieval must be disabled in the Antenna Magus Settings dialog should you wish to prevent Antenna Magus from updating your license automatically after installation.

Using a stand-alone Floating network licence for Antenna Magus Professional If a stand-alone floating licence has been purchased, then Antenna Magus may be installed on a number of machines that are connected to the same local area network. Only a limited number of machines may, however, have Antenna Magus open concurrently up to a maximum of the number of seats indicated in the floating licence and the machines must stay connected to the network for the duration of usage.

In the case of a Silver floating licence only applicable to unmaintained licenses purchased before there is an additional limitation on the specific users that may access the floating licence. The Installation Guide – Version and later www. Installing the Antenna Magus Floating Licence Manager The Antenna Magus Floating Licence Manager must be installed on a machine that is connected to the local area network, and which can be accessed through a communications port by other machines on the network.

A service will be run on this machine that will administer the licencing of all other machines on the network, providing licencing information as required for Antenna Magus to be run. The installation of the floating license manager does not require the. NET framework to be installed on the server. After installation, the Antenna Magus Floating licence manager can be launched.

The generation of a licence for the floating licence server may be done by sending the host information of the server to your reseller, or by typing in your floating licence key and requesting that the licence file be automatically retrieved over the internet. Where possible, we suggest that the option for automatic retrieval of the licence information be used.

Automatic licence retrieval Internet connection required After launching the Antenna Magus Floating Licence Manager, click on the Update button to open the Update licence dialogue. Fill in the digit floating licence key into the Licence key field and click on the Download button. Note that the key is required in the correct format, including the dashes xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx as shown below. If the information is correct, click the Apply button to start using the retrieved licence.

After applying the licence, confirm that the licencing service has been correctly started by clicking on the Start button in the Floating Licence Manager main window. Manual licencing Where no internet connection is available Where no internet connection is available, the host information of the licence server machine must be provided to your Antenna Magus Reseller so that they can create a licence file for you manually.

To obtain the host information, start up the licence manager, press the Update… button and select the Host Info tab as shown below. The information required by the Reseller is shown in the text field. This information may be copied and pasted into an email. Your reseller will provide a floating licence server licence file based on the floating licence host machine information. The Antenna Magus Floating Licence Manager should be pointed to this licence file using the Browse button on the Licencing tab of the Update licence window shown above.

Features of Antenna Magus Pro v5.3

Antenna Magus Latest Version and Single Link for Windows. It is Also full offline Setup and standalone installer and Compressed. Antenna Magus is a software tool to help accelerate the antenna design and modeling process. Antenna Magus has proven to be an. Antenna Magus Professional Free Download includes all the necessary files to run perfectly on your system, uploaded program contains.

Download Antenna Magus Pro v5.3 Free

English File Size: Antenna Magus is one of the best and most powerful software available for the calculation of the antenna design. To design and build an antenna needs to have knowledge in the field of emissions, strengthen the principles of microwave radiation and microwave amplifier design, impedance matching of the software Antenna Magus will do it the best possible way.


When you have already installed the Windows 7 Professional operating system you need to make sure that it is properly protected. This means that you should have an effective internet security system which will protect the OS effectively. The importance of this is that your system can easily be attacked by malicious components such as viruses.

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Antenna Magus, the first antenna design software of it’s kind, needed a brand fun and professional brand personality to appeal to brainy antenna designers. Access a huge antenna database of over antennas with Antenna Magus antenna design software. Increase efficiency by making a more informed choice of. Antenna Magus Professional Free Download includes all the necessary files to run perfectly on your system, uploaded program contains.

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